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About Omni Software Solutions

Our Mission

Omni Software Solutions is committed to technology and the adoption of automated processes that improve transparency and service efficiency for the hospitality industry and outsourced housekeeping operations, recruitment, and facilities management. Omni has developed a suite of enterprise software systems and mobile applications for its clients, to help them achieve previously unattainable savings and operational efficiencies. Omni operates globally and is currently present in 5 geographical blocs — Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, China, and South Africa.

The Omni Group

Omni Software Solutions is part of The Omni Group. Omni’s extensive experience in facilities management has realised the transformation of ideas into cutting edge software systems and mobile applications that demonstrate a Return on Investment for businesses of any size and scale.

Omni Software Solutions Team

Our executive management teams have extensive knowledge and expertise in the hospitality industry, operations and financial management, recruitment, facilities management, and software development. Our global workforce are recognised as the company’s most valuable single asset and we strive to ensure that our team members are developed, supported and encouraged to meet their full potential.

Riaz Ladha

Chairman, The Omni Group

As the founder of the group, Riaz is best described as a serial entrepreneur and self‑made businessman with substantial experience of building, developing and growing businesses in the UK and further afield.

With excellent interpersonal skills, and as an outstanding communicator, strategist, and accomplished market leader in the UK outsourcing space, Riaz is experienced in driving profits and efficiencies through strict financial management and possesses a thorough and extensive knowledge of the sectors in which they operate.

Part of Riaz’s role in recent years has been the expansion and development of our Software offering in addition to growing our UK and Dutch operations and the Omni business model into Singapore, with an initial focus on the luxury market, developing this subsidiary into a wholly self-sufficient and profitable company with a growing reputation for outstanding service and superior working methodologies.

As a self‑confessed workaholic, Riaz has very keen interest in technology and how it has – and continues – to change the way we live our lives and do business. Riaz created Omni Clean and iManageit as market leading and functional tools to drive quality and provide end to end transparency in real time.

Zsolt Kortvelyesi

CTO, The Omni Group

Zsolt is the Chief Technology Officer for Omni, taking the lead on new developments and managing Omni development teams on specific projects. Born and raised in Hungary, Zsolt studied Computer Science and has worked with various organisations in development and project management roles. Zsolt’s expertise is in PHP, jQuery and Mobile Application Development.

Liu Yang

Web Developer, The Omni Group

Liu has been a software developer for over 15 years, specializing in developing apps, both web and mobile. In his early years, he helped develop HR systems for large companies in China. As mobile apps usage grew, he pivoted his focus on mobile development. Since joining Omni Software Solutions, he has been a key member in the development of Omni’s systems and providing technical support for our global team.

Elmarie Koekemoer

Director, Omni Software Solutions

Elmarie has built many long-standing relationships with her clients, many of whom she still works closely with to this day. In her role, recruitment revolves around the effective working relationships she builds with all temporary staff members, as well as those within the core team.

Khalid Ladha

VP, Omni Software Solutions

Khalid is VP, Product and Operations at Omni Software. In his role, Khalid guides the team across our APAC and EMEA regions, managing results, remote team productivity, and product across the Omni Software ecosystem. He has previously lead Customer Success, Product, and Sales Engineering teams across the globe for hospitality tech providers.

Some of our clients include

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