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Improving transparency
and service efficiency.

Our Flagship Database and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Designed for enterprise organizations with 1,000+ headcount, who value having all their data in one place.

From timesheets and payroll through risk management, customer info, contracts and right-to-work information, iManageit is the one-stop shop for outsourced or hourly wage dominant companies looking for the next level of control and visibility into their workforce and its productivity.

iManageit is the all-in-one solution you've been waiting for. With software modules for contract management, integrated time-sheets, employee rewards, account management, payroll and more.

Using our customised plan you get:

  • Security-first cloud based solutions
  • Deliver tight control on productivity and margins through its modular design
  • Increase efficiencies through staff management
  • Real time data available instantly
  • No reconciliation issues or data duplication through our modular system
  • Multisite management tool
  • Consistent, automatic software updates

Payroll staff ratio
for our pilot client

Health & safety staff ratio
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100% Cloud Based


Cloud based


Fully compliant

Works in harmony with your business!

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