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Hire staff on demand.

mywork• is a vendor-management platform, designed to make hiring casual staff a simple and easy-to-manage task for your entire team. With our simple web portal and newly designed mobile-app, mywork provides a full suite of tools to make hiring on-demand and casual staff easy.

We focus our attention on three sets of users:

Hospitality Businesses
mywork• for Business App and Webportal

Employment Agencies
myagency• Employment Agency Hub

Freelancers and Employee Portal
mywork• Worker App

Watch how mywork works for employees and freelancers

Shift Work and Staffing Revolutionized

for Business

Businesses use mywork for a number of reasons. Some like the ability to hire freelancers directly from the platform, utilizing our ratings system to identify the workers who have good reviews from previous businesses they’ve worked with. Others prefer to use it as their own employee portal, listing their hired employees inside the platform so that all their details and working hours are in one spot. The platform can support both the combination of assigning jobs to employees and hiring freelancers.

Whichever way they choose, mywork is flexible and designed for all sorts of scenarios to maximize efficiencies with casual staffing. From linen porters to baristas and banquets team members, mywork has the teammates you’re looking for, right when you need them.


Managing multiple suppliers is a headache. We know it. Dealing with inconsistent standards, pay discrepancies, and administration costs doesn’t make it any simpler.

That’s why mywork• took on the challenge of revolutionizing this stale industry. By giving complete visibility and control to our partners clients, mywork• acts as your trusted central hub. By sharing all jobs posted to our platform with our partner network of employment agencies and freelance hires, our neutral vendor platform ensures that you find the best people with ease.

What We Do

myagency• functions as a fulcrum for businesses, outsourced vendors and employment agencies to come together on a single, trusted platform. We manager your risk and compliance when you are securing temporary labour by doing regular supplier audits and continually engaging with our partners across our labour ecosystem.

Inside the system, we’ve created a double-sided marketplace so that businesses and employment agencies can come to an agreement faster than ever. We’ve also created functionality so that jobs can be listed one time, or be ‘permanent’, with a recurring posting of the role going up on a custom schedule chosen by the job poster. Once a job is posted, employment agencies can essentially ‘blind bid’ for jobs.

Worker App

The mywork• worker app is where both pre-screened employment agency partners and individual freelancers can find the roles that are right for them.

But that’s not all that the mywork• worker app can do. Not only can we be the labour market you’re looking for to secure high-quality work, with our Employee Portal. This means that no longer do hotel groups, hospitality firms, or any of our other partners need to keep two disparate systems to track casual employees hired by the hotel and hired freelancers through and employee agencies. Instead, all casual employees can be monitored and paid through a single platform!

Some of our clients include

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