With Omni Clean you increase your margins and efficiencies, all the while reducing your operational expenses. Go paperless, drive productivity and save time and money!

Using our web app and smartphone solutions, we've helped management groups, hotel companies and outsourced firms across three continents take their housekeeping and back of house operations into the 21st century and beyond.

We help you run a tighter ship. Manage workers efficiently to ensure your team is in the right place at the right time. Satisfy your guests and make your operations team more productive at the same time. Manage Linens, lost & found, keycards, equipment and more.

Why is Omni Clean the best friend
of any housekeeping department?


  • Rooms are prioritised and cleaned faster
  • Tasks are digital (created under 1 minute)
  • No more paperwork
  • Increase productivity and lower your operating costs at the same time.

Improves Guest

  • Reducing waiting lines at reception
  • No more knocking on guest doors
  • Guest requests fulfilled faster and are trackable
  • Lost / found module with photo feature


  • Maintenance issues reported directly from guest room
  • Rooms can be prioritised for cleaning in case of emergencies
  • Instant communications between room attendants and supervisors


  • Provides measurable KPIs for staff
  • Real-time live data on productivity for maids and supervisors
  • Accountability of team members to complete guest requests and maintenance issues
  • Tracking and full history of all guest requests, maintenance issues, cleanliness reports, cleaning schedules and linen management in one glance

Get the clarity you want.
Right when you need it.

The ultimate software solution facilitating the efficient running of your housekeeping operation.

With Omni Clean, we bring transparency to your entire operations. Know how many room attendants are working, whether they're ahead or behind schedule, and where your supervisors are to boot.

With our years of experience providing leading back of house staffing solutions, Omni Clean takes the productivity metrics you crave and delivers them in an easy, simple-to-digest format.

Some of our clients include

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